Who We Are

Stone Valley Productions is a full-service video production company based in Southern Indiana, just across the river from Louisville, KY.

We don’t want to simply create pretty videos that don’t get results for your business. We thrive on creating meaningful, engaging videos that bring awareness to your business and ensure you’re getting the ROI that you’re striving for. In order to do that, we schedule a meeting prior to the video shoot to discuss your goals, your target audience, then work with you to plan out an effective marketing strategy.

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Whether your business needs help attracting new talent to your staff, increasing sales, expanding brand awareness, or creating safety and training videos, we can help create a custom set of videos to meet your unique needs.​ We also provide video for internal use that can be used to not only train new employees, but also help them learn the culture of your company. As remote working becomes more and more common, having engaging internal videos is extremely helpful in keeping your new and existing employees on the same page, even when they are in separate locations.

We are proud members of 1SI, our local Chamber of Commerce. We love serving businesses in our local community, and also enjoy the opportunity to travel and work with businesses outside of our area.

If you need help engaging your clients or employees through video, schedule a call today and let’s explore the possibilities of how we can work together to reach your goals.

We’re a firm believer in the power of stories, and utilizing your story to build and expand your business

It is our mission to work alongside you to help craft and tell your story in a compelling way, and ultimately help your audience learn: who you are, what you do, and why they should entrust you to provide them with top notch service. 

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About The Owners

Stone Valley Productions is led by husband and wife team, AJ and Janet Schubert. AJ has 10+ years of experience working in video production. After finishing his Masters in Technology at Eastern Illinois University in 2011, AJ moved to Nashville, TN where he met Janet. Being the creative spirit she is, Janet quickly took to video editing and assisting on video shoots. While in Nashville, AJ had the opportunity to work with various television networks including CMT, GAC and The Outdoor Channel as well as many Nashville musicians including Grammy Award Winner, Michael Cleveland and #1 hit song writer, Sean McConnell.

In 2015, the two moved to Southern Indiana, near Janet’s hometown, where AJ served as the Video Coordinator at Northside Christian Church for just over 5 years. Stone Valley Productions was formed in 2019, and AJ and Janet went full-time with the business in 2020. They have built up a network of videographers, editors, and animators they can call on to tackle any size project and cater to an extensive variety of needs.

When the two aren’t helping clients build their brands, they enjoy playing music together, going to the movies, taking care of their 3 chickens (Dolly, Shania, and Reba), and hosting game nights with friends.